Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I found this little tulip skirt at Urban this weekend when I was shopping with my pal Michelle. It's quite sweet for me but I liked the color and thought I could make it my own... of course I was running late for work today and totally forgot to accessorize it! The worse part is I didn't realize until I was in the car, too late to turn back. Now all day I've been thinking what this outfit could have been; a chunky necklace, lots of bangles, a bright clutch, oh well. I'll have to suffice with the shoes which are incredible.

  • Skirt : Urban
  • T : Express
  • Shoes : F21


  1. that skirt is so cute! i love the pleating

  2. OoOo lovely outfit. I'm not a particular fan of accessorising - I think it looks lovely the way it is.

    PS That jumpsuit in your previous post is FAAAABULOUS!!!

  3. I always forget to accessorize too!
    This doesn't necessarily need anything extra though, beautiful cut on the skirt!

  4. You do florals so well! Not twee at all- it looks totally edgy and fresh and not-trying-too-hard.

  5. i lvoe how the skirt drapes in the front .. this is nice indeed