Monday, January 18, 2010

Thigh High

Late Afternoon just did a post about how sexy thighs are and I couldn't agree more. There's something so naively seductive about a milky thigh. Mine are incredibly milky at the mo, so rather than blind you all I decided to be demure and cover up a little with some polka dot tights.
Nigella (super sexy cook extraordinaire and one of my girl crushes) once described panna cotta (another of my crushes) as something that should "have the quiver of a 17th-century courtesans inner thigh" ... Food and thighs in the same thought, you can't get more flirtatious than that.

  • Jacket : Zara
  • T : H&M
  • Shorts : Topshop
  • Boots : Aldo
  • Tights : Forever21
  • Clutch : Vintage


  1. ohhhh these thigh highs are just to die for. Looking great :))

  2. love the stockings!