Monday, April 12, 2010

Contradictions and a Tassel Belt

Fashion is full of contradictions and I appear to the be the latest one. It was only a couple of days ago that I was berating the easiness of spring dresses and yet here I am wearing one. In an effort to make it slightly uneasy I decided to rock a curtain tie-back as an accessory. So there you have it, a simple spring dress with a touch of something unexpected, and a pair of clogs for good measure.
On another note, who's going to Coachella... and have you decided what you're wearing yet? I think my sister and I will have to have a costume consultation this evening. The fashion is as much fun as the bands.

  • Dress : H&M (old)
  • Belt : Old tassel
  • Shoes : Hottiez


  1. I've read about so many bloggers going to Coachella. I am insanely jealous :P
    Love the shoes and dress!

  2. Working the clogs girl!! I am considering starting my very own little style blog and asked my readers for inspiration Jenn turned me on to yours!! LOVE!

  3. Hippie! Your dress is so cute. You're so stylish. Great outfit and I'm waiting for the next pictures!

  4. Beautiful dress, and i love how you used tassel as the belt - yellow looks great here!

  5. Looove! I've never thought of using a tassel for a belt (other than when making a dress out of green velvet curtains...). Brilliant idea!

  6. loved all 3 looks you wore!!! Definitely Coachella looks!
    Just found your blog, following you!