Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm feeling remarkably perky considering I spent yesterday in sardine-can-like airplanes and am still on England time... it must be the residual high from being in Europe for the past 2 weeks. I indulged in all my favorite things; Parisian food, good wine, beer gardens, shopping, being a tourist, feeling at home, laughing with friends. There's nothing like going home again. I will entertain you all with stories and photos from the trip once I settle down, but in the mean time here are some of my purchases which I had to don for the office today.... yes, back to the grind stone.

  • Shirt & shorts : H&M
  • Bag : Oasis
  • Shoes : Zara
  • Necklace : Vintage


  1. Great Outfit! Love the shoes and the gorgeous bag!

  2. Lovely outfit! Denim with denim is very Alexa and ridiculously HOTT! I am following X


  3. Cute shoes and I love the bag
    This outfit is yum