Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Hair

My hair is probably the longest it's been in my adult life. I'm still getting to grips with styling it and I regularly have to dispose with the fancy shenanigans it takes to make it beautiful due to lack of time (that damn extra-cup-of-coffee-whilst-watching-Fresh-Prince-re-runs always makes me late to work)! So my new-to-me head scarf look is a real life saver on the mornings when I just have to have that extra jolt of caffeine and watch Carlton dance like a maniac.

  • Scarf & Blouse : Vintage
  • Shorts : H&M
  • Belt & Shoes : Zara
  • Earrings : Nana's


  1. great outfit, love the shorts!!

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  3. Nice short,

    xox from France.
    Olivia & Mariam

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  5. you look great and love your hair too