Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When Only Flares Will Do

Do you ever have those days when you just want to look like an extra in Almost Famous? When only flares will do? I've usually gone for the full 70's look, with a tight blouse tucked into the high waist, but my friend Casey inspired me to go baggy all over. I must thank her for that as it might be my fall go-to look, so comfy and bohemian.

  • Flares : Old
  • Blouse & Bag : Thrifted
  • Wedges : Zara
  • Coffee : Royal Coffee Bar at Phoenix Public Market


  1. I love how long high waisted flares can make you look! Lovely my dear.

    Love Grace.

  2. Loving the flares, especially with those gorgeous wedges!

  3. i love your outfit.
    i would love to wear flared jeans but im worried they will not work with me.
    i get scared by a lot of clothes id love to try like tight leather and high waisted, straight cut trousers. maybe ill give it a go sometime!
    your blog is lovely btw.

  4. I would wear everything you wear. Love your wardrobe!

  5. cool website celine! i came by it via danielle stanley's blog! i will definitely be following from now on! ;)

  6. Those flares look so good on you! Bisous

  7. hello
    i from brazil
    oi tudo bem?
    gostei do seu blog.
    vocĂȘ pode ir no meu?


  8. oooh, i so love! i've been looking for the perfect pair myself. as such a 70's loving girl, i'm ashamed to say i don't have any :(

  9. This is what I call the perfect flares ! I have to find some like that !

    See U !

  10. these look great on you! I don't think I own any flares any more, but I think if I did I would prob try look like Jackie in that 70s show lol x

  11. you make all baggy all chic my love!