Monday, November 1, 2010


So I was Annie Hall for Halloween. I stood out among all the Scottsdale women because I was wearing clothes. I've got to admit, some of those slutty bumble bee costumes were actually pretty scary; some things should really be left to the imagination ladies.


  1. You're my hero. Never been a fan of hoochin' it out on Halloween.

  2. i ADORE that you didn't do slutty annie hall!!

  3. I swear I thought it's Annie Hall!!!

  4. Before I read the text I was like "Ur, she looks like Annie Hall". I guess you got it SPOT ON!!

    Some slutty outfits can look cute, some on the other hand are a bit overdone and tacky. It's ok to show a little flesh in the spirit of Halloween but everything gushing out and over is NOT ok.

    I was a manga character for Halloween :D. I kind of looked like a school girl as well so I got a lot of guys looking my way without looking slutty :P.

  5. Awesome costume, you look really good!

  6. Wow!!! Super style)))
    I like it creative!!!
    Lovely dear.