Monday, May 2, 2011

Skirt Steak with Black Olive Aïoli

I found some baby artichokes at the farmer's market this weekend and thought I'd rustle up one of my favorite spring recipes. The black olive aïoli is intensely salty (divine) and goes well with chunky fish and shrimp too, but on this perfect Sunday I decided to stick to a classic (and cheap) steak. I fired up the barbecue, knocked back a couple of cocktails and tucked into this savory treat all while listening to a little Mike Snow.

I marinated the steak in olive oil, chiles de arbol, rosemary, thyme, pepper and lemon zest.

The baby artichokes were sauteed and mixed into a crispy potato hash with roasted garlic, thyme, shallots and loads of salt.
Full recipe here.


  1. Mmmm that looks delicous. Thanks for sharing. Just got a velvet cupcake recipe from another blog the other day, now this !

  2. Yummy, it looks so good!!!Thanks for sharing! Regarding your look I am totally in love with your boots!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  3. love tasty foods (always hungry).

  4. The food looks super delicious!