Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sequins For Day

I have a very dear friend who believes passionately and completely in sequins for day. Actually she believes in sequins for any time of day or night, any occasion, anywhere. I've always been a little weary of sequins, they teeter on the verge of tacky all too often for my taste and, sadly, I've only been impressed with the very expensive varieties (think Ralph Lauren's gold sequin harem pants). So I was shocked when I  caught a glimpse of this paisley and sequin jacket at Forever 21 last weekend.... it didn't look cheap at all and the silk and sequin combination had a distinctly bohemian vibe that I love. So what d'ya know, I'm moving over to the shiny side.


  1. Forever 21 rules

  2. i love daytime sequins, they look so pretty in the light!

  3. Love you in that mini! Great outfit!

  4. I adore this outfit! The neutral colors paired with the sequins provides for such a luxe look. The sequin jacket is great for daytime, it's not too flashy. And I am in LOVE with your shoes!