Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Silk Pants

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I bought into the consumer feeding frenzy that was the Missoni for Target launch yesterday. I blame the hysteria of my girlfriends and the rather good marketing campaign, but in all honesty I'm just a sucker for fancy Italian bedding. You see, I went with the sole purpose of securing some chic zig zag sheets (which they didn't have) and enjoying a little breakfast date with my friend Amy. Instead I found myself emptying my wallet on a pile of unnecessary patterned objects and I'm not proud of it. So I'll be schlepping a bag full back to Target to ease my buyers remorse. These pants have survived the cull, they're actually pajama pants but I thought they bore a close resemblance to those silky CĂ©line pants (but with a Missoni twist).

  • Pants : Missoni for Target
  • Shirt : H&M
  • Bracelets : mish-mash of old and H&M


  1. AMAZING trousers!! So versatile. Bet they would look just as fab on a cold day with a huge jumper!

  2. I love it! the pjs are super cute! I too bought into the Missoni hype and have a major return to Target as well. I do mean major, I 'm talking striped luggage, throws, clothes, art..I refuse to resell on eBay, so hopefully I'll be making someone's day! Anyway, super stylish and awesome as always. Keep it up!