Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Kimono

Alright, so this isn't one of my most sensible outfits for a weekday breakfast meeting but when have you ever known me to exercise common sense when it comes to fashion? I found this beautiful kimono in a vintage shop back in the UK years ago and the truth is I hardly ever wear it. I love the color and the delicate pattern that's painted along the bottom but how often in life is there reason to throw on a kimono? Clearly I have not been creative enough. This morning I had an overwhelming urge to give it the attention it deserves so I got all boho and paired it with some flares and this amazing vintage metal belt.

  • Kimono, Belt & Bag : Vintage
  • Jeans : H&M
  • Shoes : GoJane
  • Tank : Urban Outfitters