Sunday, July 15, 2012

My House

I love seeing how personal style translates to the home. It's completely fascinating (and a little voyeuristic) to see the things people choose to surround themselves with. I find that my environment has a huge effect on me, my mood, my creativity, so I'm very particular about how my home looks and feels. I love my space to be filled with a mixture of old of new, serious and tongue-and-cheek pieces. There should always be something a little unexpected in the mix. So here is a sneaky peek at where I live.....

The blue painting is by my sister, it helps to have an artist in the family.
Floor to ceiling windows for perfect soft light.
A well stocked bar and plenty of room at the dining table for entertaining.
Records and a turntable, lots of magazines and a reading nook.
A nod the southwest with cacti, native rugs and a cow skull. Oh, and a nod to my homeland with a rather ironic painting of the queen and a few union jacks.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Statement Shades

Summer days, cool shades.

  • T-Shirt : Rachel Roy
  • Shorts, Shoes & Bag : Ann Taylor
  • Sunglasses : Nordstrom
  • Necklace : Rumble & Spur
  • Ring : Frances Vintage