Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Changes

I started this blog at a rather lackluster time in my life. I was being creatively choked at my job,  a bad relationship (or two) had zapped my mojo and a generally lazy air had settled about me like a comfortable cushion. This blog was going to be my creative wake-up call. A place to inspire my cooking, sense of style and photography. All of which it did, for a time, until late last summer when I realized an element of narcissism had crept into the process. Gradually my urge to post became less about self-expression and more about how good I looked in the photos and how my outfits compared with other bloggers'. And so I stopped blogging.

A lot has changed since then. I started a new job that challenges me creatively every day and I take pride in the work I do. I met the love of my life, a man who energizes and inspires me. We bought a house that we've been fixing up. Oh, and we got engaged, so I have a wedding to plan too.

So here I am, stuffed to the brim with creativity and more than enough outlets for it. And yet I had the urge to come back to the blog, not for the injection of inspiration or the affirmation of a decent self-portrait, but because I genuinely fancied sharing what I was up to. That and the fact that I need a good place to collect all of these ideas (sometimes Pinterest just won't suffice).

So even though it's called The Wardrobe Diaries, you'll be seeing a lot more than clothes. You'll see the new house take shape, a wedding come together, and my epicurean efforts at staying in shape over the age of 30 while in a happy relationship (no small fete).

Thanks for sticking around, here's a quick catch up on the last 10 months:

Showed off my ring and tried to choose the perfect shade of grey.

Spent Christmas with his family and built an ice rink at work.

Ate, a lot, and continued to volunteer at the art museum.

Picked out a tree to be our breakfast bar and went to Palm Springs.

Went to Vegas and tried to break the world record for Pilates.

Moved house and organized a pillow fight.

Combined our stuff, realized we had too much stuff then got rid of a bunch of stuff.

 Clearly I enjoy Instagram: @wardrobediaries