Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turquoise and coral oh my!

The sun's been shining and I'm already pulling out my summer staples. This could be a huge mistake as by the time it get's to mid August I tend to be over all my summer clothes... but I'll just have to risk it. This dress is a couple of years old from French Connection, it's the perfect length and I really like the subtle pattern. I gave it my boho twist with an antique necklace that I love but, for some reason, hardly ever see's the light of day, and my trusty boots.

  • Dress & wood bangle : French Connection
  • Boots : ebay
  • Turquoise necklace, ring & bracelet : antique
  • Scarf : Forever21


  1. Great dress! And I like your boots.

  2. i pulled out summer stuff today too! so excited for hot weather!

  3. i love all of your looks, we should swap links!
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  4. I hate that bit. Actually, i'm still there aswell, just a passing moment of rage.

    oh they suck so hard!