Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've coined a new adjective: Deschanelish, it means 'in the vein of Zoe Deschanel'.
Zoe is an interesting creature. I've enjoyed most of her films, found her charming even, but she's starting to ruffle my feathers. You see, every indie/artsy/nerdy/quirky guy out there is madly in love with her. These manboys see her in a film and are captivated by her kooky charm, her wit, her style, her hair, her voice, those eyes... the list goes on and on, she's even in a band! Zoe may or may not be aware of the fact that she has set the bar so damn high- how are the rest of us girls supposed to compete with that?! I do not look that good riding a bicycle, and I suck at karaoke, my hair is straggly and I'm only witty on good days. Ah well, maybe in real life she has bad breath or strange toes.
On that note, here is an outfit that I think is Deschanelish.
  • Skirt : F21
  • Blouse : vintage


  1. I love that outfit! The colours suit you well.

  2. I like that term. Deschanelish. :-)

    Anyway, Ive been following your blog for a while now but didnt realize that Ive never left a comment! Sorry bout that..

    Love your outfits.. always so simple yet chic.