Monday, December 14, 2009


I was so impressed with all the entries to the Kiki competition that I couldn't pick a winner. There were girls who have never owned fancy undies, girls who pictured their nipples peeking seductively through lacy garments, girls who promised me photos of their skivvies, and tomboys who wanted to impress their husbands with racy tank tops. Who am I, I thought, to stop any of these wonderful, sexy, creative girlies from donning their dreamy knickers??? And so I had to resort to the old 'pull a name out of a bag' trick and remove that huge responsibility from my poor shoulders. And so... I announce with great pleasure that Jill is the winner of the $100 gift. Congratulations girl!!!! PS. I will be requiring a photo of you (or at least part of you ) in your winning garment of choice :)

Photos by Benjamin Alexander Huseby for Dazed and Confused via Fashion Gone Rogue.


  1. I love your blog I love your style! You look amazing your eye for fashion very elegant! And your choices very exquisite! Officially a follower!

  2. Gorgeous photos!