Monday, June 28, 2010

More Shorts

I don't apologize for my fickleness when it comes to fashion. What other school of thought allows you to be so decidedly arrogant and changeable in your opinions from one month to the next? I am steadfast in so many of my beliefs from religion to politics, food to morals. Fashion is a diversion that allows me to contradict myself without consequence and I adore it for that.
When I first moved to Phoenix from the U.K. I was perplexed by the Phoenicians commitment to shorts. They were frumpy and unflattering and so unbearably unfashionable that I couldn't bring myself to feign excitement when we had to cover them in the fashion section at work. Even in the midst of the sweltering heat of summer I would don trousers over shorts and suffer in indignation. And yet, these preposterous garments have not only infiltrated my wardrobe, they appear to be the only item I feel like wearing at all this summer. The short has gone chic. Paper bag waists, high waists, denim cut offs and slouchy safari styles, they're all here and I love them. And I don't have to justify why.

  • Blouse : French Connection
  • Shorts : Forever 21
  • Belt : Vintage
  • Scarf : H&M
  • Bag : Oasis
  • Shoes : Old


  1. I love how You dress!!! So I made decision to follow You, a long time ago!!! so far, no regret!!!! Thank You!!! Have nice summer!! xxx from POLISH blog operator!!!!