Monday, February 14, 2011

Lacy Love (Intimacy Giveaway)

I'm a huge believer in saucy under things. Even on the dreariest days, if your undies are flirty, so likely will you be.

I have quite the collection of skivvies and vintage lingerie and even considered myself to be a bit of an expert on the matter. So when a girlfriend told me about a new store called Intimacy, where you could be measured by the 'Bra Whisperer,' I didn't expect I'd learn anything I didn't already know. To my surprise I was introduced to an array of bra styles that I didn't know existed, all in a size that I could never have fathomed (yes, the Whisperer has earned that title, I'd been wearing the wrong size for years).

I was like a kid a very expensive candy store. So I borrowed a few pieces to show you the lacy delights they have in store for you (of course I couldn't resist pairing them with some of my vintage collection).

As a little Valentines gift to you I have a giveaway for my U.S. readers:

The First 5 people to book a complimentary bra fitting appointment will receive a $50 gift certificate to Intimacy.
You can book online at, just make sure you enter 'The Wardrobe Diaries' in the comment section. There are stores all over the U.S.
Winners will be notified and will pick up their gift certificates at the time of their fitting.

Spread the love.

  • Bras & Red Slip : Intimacy
  • Dress, Kimono & Bed Jacket : Vintage


  1. It's too bad I have already had somewhat of a fitting there...but I don't look like that in my bras. Celine.

  2. i love sexy underwear. and i love your blog.
    following <3

  3. very cool giveaway, wish I could enter!
    thanks for stopping by & your comment :)

  4. Really lovely lingerie, the kimono and bed jacket you added look so pretty : )

  5. Sadly Im not in the US but this is such a fantastic little treat
    It's so underestimated how good good underwear can make you feel!

  6. Very pretty lace!

  7. waow. that's some daring pictures:p a good pair of lingery is always needed for special occassians.