Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That 70's Vibe

This outfit is a bit of an ode to the 70's. I definitely tend to teeter on the edge of costume-y when I embrace a decade, so let's just take a minute to approve of my decision not to feather my hair this morning. I have to thank my pal Dana for this dress... she moved house and sold half of her covetable wardrobe over breakfast cocktails and chips and dip. This dress, along with a fringy number that's just dying to make it's debut, came home with me.

  • Dress : Vintage
  • Clogs : Mme Michelle


  1. wow love that dress, it fits you perfectly and i love the print. the fact that it has a lighter color on top makes it so interesting. really a lot of people would look like granola! but you look so stylish. and oh the movement, so perfect for spring because it is like floating around your body

  2. oh i love this dress! i feel you on the costumey, i am so like that too. i always have to check myself and make sure i stay a bit modern.

    i wander, i wonder

  3. Such a beautiful dress!! You look amazing (as usual!!)

  4. Wow your dress is so beautiful!!
    I really like the colors of your pictures!

  5. lovely outfit! :D
    look great on you!

  6. hands down. favorite outfit of yours ever. and i am SO beyond jealous of that dress. something like that is HARD to find!!!! i totally appreciate it's beauty!!! amaaazinnngggg

    ashley <3