Friday, October 7, 2011

Art & Soul

I have an unbalanced, evening wear heavy wardrobe, and as much as I like to think of myself as some Bianca Jagger-like socialite, I don't honestly get to wear it as much as I'd like. I'm always looking for ways to make these sheer/glittery/long/elegant pieces less, well, sheer/glittery/long/elegant. This slip of a disco dress is such a pretty color and I love the way it catches the breeze, but it's so barely there that I can only wear it for very close friends, if you get my drift. So I layered it with a mini jersey dress and a military vest and made it day wear. Of course the damn mini dress kept riding up and I'm pretty sure I flashed the security guard in the parking lot while trying to adjust it, glamour eludes me yet again.

  • Dress : Vintage
  • Vest : Old Navy
  • Belt & Mini Dress : H&M
  • Booties : Forever 21
  • Bracelet : Urban Outfitters

This evening I'm off to Chaos Theory, an art show that my sister has a piece in, then I'll be shaking my arse around at the new Motown & Stax night at Cresent Ballroom, see you there?


  1. You look so freakin' pretty. I love the contrast of the military-inspired vest and the feminine dress. It's the perfect combination. And your shoes are AMAZING.


  2. lovely outfit! i like the color combinations and the mix of materials as well
    cute blog