Friday, October 21, 2011

Portlandia Party

My sister and I are incredibly close, we're partners in crime, roomies and best friends.  Last week she moved to Portland. I had to send her off in style so I threw a little going away bash for her and couldn't resist the opportunity to mock the Portland clichés with a Portlandia themed party. Everyone had to wear plaid.

Beard banner and a woodland centerpiece. I served Shepherd's Pie and made cupcakes with birds on top.

Put a bird on it!

Bicycle stamps on the plates.

The cocktail recipe and mis-matched vintage glasses for Portland Punch.

Guests wore beards, they ate, drank and made merry and then they beat the crap our of a pinata (not very Portland but fun all the same).

Bye Dannie! 

Thanks to Amy for helping me with all the crafts and for taking these photos.  


  1. Wonderful! I like the one with the birds and the one with the beard the most! (:

  2. oh how lovely of you.
    it sounds like a great party.
    oh and such fun ideas.
    hope you have a good week, and don't miss your sister too much. always good to miss someone a little though ;)

  3. what a great party... i love the tray with all the different glasses!

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  5. Super cute! I love the mismatched vintage glasses :)

  6. Love this post, I think it's one of the best yet on your blog. Huge respect, the blog's so pretty!!
    Follow each other? :)


  7. This looks like so much fun, and you take gorgeous pictures, Celine! (seriously). See you tonight? I've missed the last two events and I'm excited to hear John Tiffany speak!

  8. woooww amazing post, love the glass!
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  9. seems you had such a great time! hv a lovely weekend <3 x

  10. Aww this is adorable, what a lovely way to send her off
    Such cute finishing touches!

  11. what great ideas!! thank you for sharing. We are making an Epic move to Portland and hosting a Portlandia party with a 100 or so friends coming to send us on our way, I love the beards and I definitely should be enforcing a plaid shirt rule for attendance!

  12. I love the bicycle stamp on the plate! Totally stealing that for a going away party I am throwing for friends I am losing to Portland! Thank you for the ideas! The party looked amazing and gorgeous!