Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jeans and Heels

My dear friend Courtney is working over at the new Madewell store in Fashion Square. She invited me down to do a little summer style event with the ACI Nouveau group a while back and it was a blast; I put together some summer outfits to chat about with the group, we ate cupcakes and shopped with all the vigor and intent that fashion bloggers can. I came away with the perfect pair of skinny jeans which, paired with a simple t-shirt and an outrageous pair of heels, look effortlessly cool.

  • Jeans & Gold Necklace : Madewell
  • T-Shirt : H&M
  • Clutch : Vintage
  • Shoes : Aldo
  • Rings : Banana Republic & Vintage
  • Cuff : Max & Chloe
  • Spiked Necklace : Rumble & Spur


  1. This is my first time visiting, and your blog is so cute! Great look, here! I love the necklace!

  2. Gorgeous shoes! Nice blog.
    Kiss from France,

  3. oh my god these shoes are amazing!
    I like so much your blog and your style...
    u got +1 follower :-)

    xxx Ros.e.

  4. You're so pretty, and your shoes are just amazing !

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog earlier today!
    Celine is a wonderful name, right ;-)

  6. Love the look!

    Kisses from Italy


  7. Oh your shoes! Your necklaces! I'm loving all of the pretty details in this look!

  8. Love the shoes!

    I am a newbie blogger from Phoenix area and of course I am following you now. Since it's such a small community of fashion bloggers (in the PHX area) I would love to see more of you in the blogosphere. Some of your food pictures are amazing!

  9. The clutch and shoes are awesome! You have great taste!