Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Party Dress

Lately my life has been an endless stream of parties, dinners, pool time, whiskey school, mermaids and entertaining. And no, I'm not on vacation, this is actually my job, and I know it's ridiculously awesome. But before you get all green with envy I have to admit I'm exhausted. My dear old blog has been put on the back burner, my pilates workouts are practically nonexistent, I haven't grocery shopped or seen a movie or done laundry in an eternity. But hey, there are much bigger fish to fry when you're on the cover of Conde Nast Traveler!

How insanely cool is that?! So, if you're in Scottsdale come and check out one of the hottest hotels in the world, and we'll have a cocktail while the mermaids swim around in the pool.

Outfits for all the above mentioned parties have been endless but sadly have gone unphotographed so this'll have to keep you going until I get back on track.

  • Dress : Lush
  • Shoes : Ann Taylor Loft
  • Clutch & Earrings : Vintage
  • Bracelet : Urban Outfitters


  1. Any party is a place of full enjoyment and celebration. Who do not like to be look like a diva at parties? Apparel has a great power to get the attention. As soon as any woman plans to attend the party first question arises in her mind is about the dress. And yes of course it is a big issue for all ladies.

  2. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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  3. I love those shoes--they're just perfect summery goodness.

    And congrats on making the cover of Traveler. So exciting.