Sunday, July 15, 2012

My House

I love seeing how personal style translates to the home. It's completely fascinating (and a little voyeuristic) to see the things people choose to surround themselves with. I find that my environment has a huge effect on me, my mood, my creativity, so I'm very particular about how my home looks and feels. I love my space to be filled with a mixture of old of new, serious and tongue-and-cheek pieces. There should always be something a little unexpected in the mix. So here is a sneaky peek at where I live.....

The blue painting is by my sister, it helps to have an artist in the family.
Floor to ceiling windows for perfect soft light.
A well stocked bar and plenty of room at the dining table for entertaining.
Records and a turntable, lots of magazines and a reading nook.
A nod the southwest with cacti, native rugs and a cow skull. Oh, and a nod to my homeland with a rather ironic painting of the queen and a few union jacks.


  1. Love your space and those floor to ceiling windows are to die for!

  2. You have such a beautiful home! I love the painting your sister did :)

  3. I really like that Union Jack pillow. Your home is gorgeous!
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  5. wow!! you have an amazing home.. great photos! i wish i was as good as you at taking pictures!

  6. it is so beautiful!


  7. i'm loving all the decors, especially the skull bracelet :)


  8. I was awestruck by the interior design of your house, Celine. But the feature that really caught my attention most was the huge mural above the cabinet. Where did you buy that mural? It surely is artistic. It must be Bruce Wayne's. LOL

    1. It sure looks artistic, Louie. Bruce Wayne must have given it to Celine in exchange for a date. LOL Anyway, I'm more interested on the murals, especially the one with gold squares, it looks expensive. May I ask how much was it, Celine?

  9. Your home is absolutely AMAZING! It looks like something from a magazine!! I love all the little quirky details and unique pieces. So so cool!

  10. Your house is pure inspiration! I love the balance of modern and rustic - clean, but not stuffy. I love the southwestern touches, too! LOVE!

  11. I love your simplistic, yet personalized style. The well stocked bar looks very inviting!

  12. Your home is gorgeously simple and modern, but warm and smiley too, i love it! note to self: get a crocodile to look after bangles :) x

  13. I want it all!

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