Monday, June 22, 2009


Life has been a bit hectic since I got back. I had another meeting at the museum about the big event we'll be throwing in September. I'll give you all details as soon as the tickets are for sale, it's going to be an incredible night!
My mates Jesse, Michele and myself did a shoot on Friday, a nice 5am-er to get the weekend started. That's me on set above, not bad for that early in the morning eh! I was dead pleased with the outfits I put together, hopefully I'll be able to show them to you tomorrow. 
I managed to stay up late into the night with the help of some good conversation and kisses.
Saturday was spent recovering; mexican food, thrifting and cupcakes.
And yesterday we cooked dear old Dad a lovely meal, prawns in yellow tomato confit, mmmm. Lovely Sundays. 
My cameras are still dead and I feel completely stranded without them. With a bit of luck they'll be fixed next week but that means a lot of old or bad photos until then :(

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