Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is my 100th post! Time has flown by and a lot of outfits have been worn, loved, discarded, worn again... and so the cycle goes. 
I am off to the beach to escape the heat for a few days. I plan on doing nothing but read, relax, take a few yoga classes and cook. 
  • Trousers & sandals : H&M
  • T : old
  • Necklaces & shades : F21


  1. Yay for bigger photos! Much better. Hehe I don't like having my outfit photos too big because I feel all self-conscious!

    Those trousers are amazing. Such a great outfit. I like your hair like that also.

  2. the perfect pants for summer time
    they are loos but elegant .
    love this look

  3. oh i LOVE your pants here. i've always wanted to be able to wear "slouchy" pants, but they don't work on me

  4. I love your simply, perfect style!