Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm back from a magical week in Seattle. I spent 5 incredible days with a charming, handsome, witty, smart, sexy chap. We walked, we drank more coffee than I've ever consumed in my life, we talked, we cooked, we ate, we read, we talked more, we watched movies, we had picnics and took naps, we did other things that i can't go into. It was perfect.
I think I'm having withdrawals, maybe from the coffee, maybe from the city, maybe from him.
Either way I couldn't muster the energy to put an outfit together this morning. Out of shear exhaustion I am sat here in flip flops, a grey T and and old cotton skirt. So here, to amuse and tease you, is a little taste of one of the shoots I did recently with my boy Jesse- Styling and some creative direction by me, hair and makeup by Michele. I will show you all the results when they've been worked properly.


  1. great styling and picture, Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. oh wow love the background, the eye up cool.