Monday, July 6, 2009

Will I ever get bored of this blouse?

This thrifted silk blouse will henceforth be known as the greatest blouse that has ever crossed my path. It is light and floaty and a little sexy and I can't take it off. These old Levi shorts are too big on me so I paper bagged them with an ikat belt. It was a good look, in theory, not sure it's the most flattering thing I've ever worn. 
Spent the weekend at multiple BBQs and in multiple pools. 

You've been asking for bigger photos so hopefully these will suffice. I'm not sure how to make them any bigger.  Above is Carrie and Jay's hot dog party with all the fixin's... as a Brit I'm not sure I should have been celebrating the 4th, but I couldn't resist a little Americana ;)

  • Blouse, shorts, bag & belt : Thrifted
  • Sandals : Target


  1. Didn't you officially join the winning side, though?

  2. Great outfit, I love the blouse .x.

  3. you can make them bigger by using photobucket and pasting the html in to your new post,

    i agree the blouse is fantastic.

  4. That is such a food blouse! I can see why you love it

  5. um, i meant Good. not food! haha

  6. Hi! Thanks for your blog. I just wanted to add that anyone can make the picture larger by clicking on it. At that point it is HUUUGE !!!!!