Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Week of Love - Part 1: A Single Man

I'm a hopeless (or should I say hopeful) romantic and, although I  cannot abide the tradition of celebrating love for one measly day, I do enjoy any excuse to get loved up. So, in anticipation of Valentines Day, I've decided to dedicate a week of posts to the subject of love.

This weekend I went to see A Single Man. It was impeccable. I absolutely adored everything about the film. Every word in the script was necessary, the acting was superior, the ambience and pace of the film were completely in tune with the subject and the styling was mesmerizing (would we expect anything less from Tom Ford?).

It's a simple story about love. About love lost to be more precise, and weather there is life after that loss. In moments with strangers and friends there is lust and friendship, two important elements of love. It struck a cord with me and, without fear of overusing the word, I loved it.

The temptation to incorporate a little 60's styling into my outfit was irresistible after I saw this blonde beauty in a couple of scenes. So I drew on some eyeliner, back-combed my hair and tried a little bad girl biker jacket and leopard print mini.

  • Skirt : Urban Outfitters
  • Jacket : Charlotte Russe
  • T-shirt : Express
  • Shoes : Michael Kors


  1. my parents saw that movie and said it was really good, i have to see it!

    love your outfit!

  2. it´s a great movie!!

  3. i love everything you're wearing in this post.