Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Week of Love - Part 3: What you Wear Underneath

It's the big V day and although it might appear that I'm pandering to the male species with this post, I must state that this is for all the ladies who like to feel sexy for themselves. Most of the lingerie I wear isn't the traditional fare of men's magazines or the push-up extravaganzas that Victoria's Secret wants you to believe is sexy. No, the things I find alluring are girly, frilly and usually vintage inspired and I've built up quite a collection of dreamy pieces. There's nothing I love more than the feeling I get from wearing gorgeous undergarments. No matter how slovenly I look on the outside, if I'm wearing flirty undies then I feel fully dressed.

From Top
  • Robe : Vintage
  • Teddy with garter : Victoria's Secret
  • Bra : Express
  • Bracelet : Banana Republic
  • Knickers : Sonia Rykiel for H&M
  • Night Gown : Anna Sui

Photos by Dannie


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  2. you are so pretty! your underthings are very delicate and quite beautiful.

  3. i completely agree. it is so worth it to spend a little extra on lingerie.

  4. so pretty! i love these photos.

  5. yeah i love to spend money on those kind of things
    great photos

  6. those underwear,,,,



  7. That photo of your zip-up underwear is so stunning!! Totally Vogue editorial worthy, seriously! The lighting is perfect and so is the composition. I love vintage inspired lingerie. xx