Friday, April 3, 2009


I've been a bit pants mad this week. Here's that BCBG pair that I love. I thought I'd man them up a bit with this vintage knit vest.
It looks like it's going to be a good weekend... I'm finally having that yard sale I've been threatening for ages. There will also be happy hours, brunches and the all important girl time.
I have to go in search of the most hideous prom dress I can find, my friend is throwing an 80's prom for his birthday next week, we don't have them in the UK so I'm ready to embrace every cliche moment possible!
Hopefully I'll be able to sqeeze in a bit of creative time to play with a camera my mate Jesse has leant me. Speaking of camera's, here's a holga shot that I took a while back on my last trip to LA....

  • Trousers : BCBG
  • T shirt : Express
  • Shoes : Topshop
  • Vest : vintage
  • Jeans : Earnest Sewn
  • T shirt : Urban
  • Vest : F21
  • Booties :


  1. really into pants lately too... a garage sale?! how fun! take pics!

  2. I actually saw a picture of a celebrity wearing those pants. I think it was J.Lo. Good eye!

  3. Love your outfit! The second picture is very beautiful! <3

  4. The pants again! It's like you're taunting me. And I'm so jealous of your jumpsuit collection. I have yet to acquire one, which is insane considering how obsessed I am lately. I guess that's part of the mixed blessing of being too busy to go shopping.