Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I admire Jefferson Hack

"Our readers’ love of fashion shouldn’t exclude an interest in the world around them. We’re engaged in how fashion connects to art and design, and to literature and social issues. The smart, long-lasting media that I’m trying to create, I see it as an antidote to all those magazines that exist to celebrate the good times. That’s a superficial high". - Jefferson Hack to

He's smart, experimental, creative and diverse. He sees fashion for what and all it is. That final remark makes me believe he knows there is more to life, something deeper than the media he creates, than the fashion he wears and the parties he goes to.


  1. i have not forgotten my tag! i swear i'm getting to it :)

  2. that is a great realization, in the last paragraph. you are surely blessed.

    on a side note, i find this outfit down below (where the weather was to hit 100 degrees) very cute from the sandals up :)

  3. What a lovely post. I'm glad you have realized this!
    And I love your below outfit!

  4. I am such a duntz! I had NO IDEA anyone left comments on my blog and now I'm a month behind to say "Thank you!" and ...Jefferson Hack is a genius! I'm on that bandwagon for sure.

    ps-excellent outfits, as always!

  5. sounds like you're explaining yourself... still keeping grudge against that "superficial" person... you'd better not. Sounds weak.